The Kłodzko region is an area where the loss of population — progressing since the end of the 19th century — is the largest in the Sudetes. While traveling through this region in the 1990s, one could come across many abandoned farms and ruins of building, abandoned arable fields were overgrown with forests, and fragments of collapsed walls or foundations were the only remains of former numerous factories and craft workshops. Some villages were completely depopulated.

However, taking such a trip today, we will see a different landscape. New homes have appeared in some of the depopulated villages, and the old ones are being renovated and modernized. Tourists come to the recently established guesthouses and agritourism farms, the overgrown meadows are mowed again, and on the slopes one can see grazing cattle or skiers using modern lifts and ski slopes. In some villages, there is an increase not only in the number of residents, but also in the desire to open a new business or associate in local organizations and work together for their little homeland. These completely new social and economic processes are clearly marked in the local revival of the formerly stagnant or declining villages.

Can we say that these villages are reviving? This is the question that we are trying to answer in our research.

Rural revival can take many forms - demographic (e.g. influx of new inhabitants), economic (e.g. new economic activities, not related to agriculture, including the development of tourist services), social (shaping new relationships between people) and spatial (landscape transformation as a result of changes in land use and development of new buildings).

A team of experts from various fields of science (human geography, rural sociology, landscape ecology, spatial management) is working on searching for the answer to the question above. But in order to gain a full understanding of the processes observed, we need to talk with the inhabitants of the region and to learn about their knowledge and perception of daily life and the changes that have occurred in recent years.

Therefore, we ask you to actively join the construction of this site together with us and share your insights regarding the revival (or not) of the villages in the Kłodzko region. We invite for cooperation both residents and regulars, tourists and fans of the Kłodzko region. Your opinion can be expressed either by entering a comment in the form below, or by contacting us directly (by email or phone).

We invite you to jointly build knowledge about contemporary transformations and processes that are taking place in the Kłodzko region and jointly look for the answer to the question whether villages in this region have been really reviving, and if so, how and why it is occurring.

A detailed description of the project can be found in the bookmark "Project".

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The project is financed by the National Science Center as grant No. 0201/2403/18, UMO-2017/27/B/HS4/01220 entitled "Reviving villages? New socio-economic processes in the Kłodzko region" implemented in the years 2018-2022.

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