In this subpage you can get acquainted with the location and characteristics of the villages that were selected for our research. You can display all the analyzed villages in the entire county (poviat) or select a specific commune (gmina). After clicking on the name of the village, further information is displayed - its location, short historical description, photo gallery and - as a result of our field inventory, preliminary conversations with residents and analysis of statistical data - a synthetic description of the phenomena observed in it today.

The villages included in stage I are those that met the following conditions: 1) in the period from the mid-nineteenth century to modern times, they experienced at least 50% depopulation, 2) showed at least 3 out of 5 criteria adopted as indicators of the revival of socio-economic processes, i.e. the increase observed in recent years in: a) the number of inhabitants, b) business entities, c) non-governmental organizations, d) bed places and e) new buildings.

The villages for the stage II were selected on the basis of field inventory. Detailed, quantitative and qualitative social surveys will be carried out in them, based on questionnaires, interviews and focus groups.

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The project is financed by the National Science Center as grant No. 0201/2403/18, UMO-2017/27/B/HS4/01220 entitled "Reviving villages? New socio-economic processes in the Kłodzko region" implemented in the years 2018-2022.